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Vegetarian and Vegan Fork Buffet Menu

From £18.50 per head depending on number go diners and choices below

Tarts and Pies and Quiches

  • Beetroot, caramelised onion and balsamic tart (vegan)
  • Sweet potato, smoked paprika and black olive sausage rolls (vegan)
  • Homity Pie – Deep pie of onions, potatoes, spinach, cheese and cream
  • Frittata with courgettes, asparagus, broad beans and red onion
  • Quiche with broccoli and Brighton Blue cheese
  • Quiche with Sussex brie and cherry tomatoes

  • Caponata – slow cooked aubergine with black olives and tomato with
  • falafel and hummus (vegan)
  • Bulgher wheat and kale salad with caramelised harissa and
  • balsamic tomatoes with feta chunks
  • Beetroot, new potato, horseradish and dill mayonnaise (vegan)
  • Garden herb and leaf salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes,
  • pomegranate and pine nuts (vegan)
  • Red cabbage and fennel and carrot coleslaw (vegan)

Homemade bread selection

  • Ciabatta with walnuts, linseed and honey
  • Olive and rosemary bread with herb butter and olive oil

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